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Featured product nCare & VaultStream — Procedure Recording and Medical Content Management

GynaecologyEar, Nose and ThroatGeneral SurgeryUrologyGastroenterologyPulmonologyThoracic Surgery

When performing complex procedures, it is essential to have the right visual information at the right time — with no distractions. Therefore, clinicians and nurses need technologies and solutions that allow them to concentrate on all the important details.



Manage Content Throughout the Hospital

GynaecologyEar, Nose and ThroatUrologyGastroenterologyPulmonologyGeneral SurgeryThoracic Surgery

VaultStream is a smart, centralised medical content management system that provides storage and access to recorded clinical images and videos linked to patient data across the hospital.

  • Hospital-wide solution.
  • Integration of patient data and visual records with HIS.
  • Scalable library-based solution, deployable in a single area or in multiple clinical areas.

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