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Experience the ENDOEYE 3D
Olympus has overcome the technical barrier of video image rotation with a 30° rigid laparoscope, allowing correct orientation. You can now change the view direction while maintaining horizontal orientation of images, enabling a continuous critical view in 3D.

Realistic and Convenient 3D Perception

Olympus ENDOEYE 3D is designed to provide a realistic 3D perception so that surgeons can perform operations without stress. With our enhanced 3D imaging system, we successfully developed a natural 3D perception of distances within narrow cavities as well as a high depth of field for clearer images.

A New World of Observation Possibilities

The VISERA ELITE II system offers different observation possibilities such as Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) and Infrared (IR) imaging. These technologies help to improve patient outcome during diagnostics or surgery.

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Striving for Improved Quality of Patient Care

The Concept of the VISERA ELITE II System
With VISERA ELITE II Olympus has developed a versatile and efficient imaging platform. Thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of endoscopes and multiple observation methods like enhanced 3D visualisation or special IR or NBI light observation, VISERA ELITE II is a clinically optimised solution for many medical specialties.


3D Laparoscopy

  • Exceptional 3D perception and brilliant image quality with rigid 0° and 30° ENDOEYE
  • 3D image rotation while maintaining the horizon with 30° rigid ENDOEYE
  • Autoclavable, focus-free, and plug and play

2D Laparoscopy

  • Compact and lightweight camera heads for white light and infrared observation
  • Displayed on a dual purpose 4K 3D medical monitor for ultra high definition resolution
  • Choice of autoclavable camera head with digital focus and zoom buttons, or non-autoclavable with manual focus and zoom rings


  • Clear and bright visualisation with enhanced image processing and videoscope technology

Cystoscopy, TUR-BT

Narrow Band Imaging increases detection and reduces recurrence:

  • NBI visualised non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) lesions in an additional 17% of patients
  • NBI visualised 24% additional tumours
  • NBI visualised 28% additional carcinoma in situ (CIS)

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

  • Improved operability due to compact and lightweight camera head
  • Broad covering of colour gamut and enriched colour reproducibility in Full HD, displayed in Ultra High Definition on the 4K 3D medical monitor
  • Improved brightness at distal point by changing the contrast setting


  • Scope line-ups with exceptional luminosity and wide field of view
  • Compatible with stroboscope light source


  • Improved operability due to compact and lightweight design
  • Ergonomic design offers different ways to hold and grasp the camera head

A New World of Versatility

Possibilities for a Whole World of Surgical Specialties
Today’s ORs are multifunctional, supporting a range of surgical specialties, and the VISERA ELITE II is flexible to the demands of many surgical procedures. It is an imaging platform for general surgery, urology, gynaecology, ENT, and more, which links the OR to other devices and facilities around the hospital. Share and play back images or videos with colleagues within the OR, in lecture theatres, or within departments to standardise training and perform peer-to-peer or patient consultations.

A New World of Simplicity

Compact One-Box System to Save Costs, Time and Space
Whereas most 2D and 3D imaging systems require two or more devices, VISERA ELITE II provides everything in one compact system. The reduced number of devices and cables leads to a simplified OR workflow in terms of equipment preparation, maintenance, troubleshooting and cable management. In addition, the time for training of nurses and OR staff can be decreased.

Intuitive Handling and Easy Setup

The LCD touchscreen allows for easy navigation and configuration-setting without using a keyboard.

  • LCD touchscreen with intuitive icons
  • Settings can be saved and loaded for customised usage
  • Easy staff rotation and training

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