Stone Management

Premium Devices for Efficient and Convenient Stone Treatment

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Stone Management

Premium Devices for Efficient and Convenient Stone Treatment

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Stone Management

Premium Devices for Efficient and Convenient Stone Treatment

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A Comprehensive Solution

Olympus Offers a Complete Portfolio of Stone Management Solutions

Having a long history in supporting physicians’ needs in stone management through the provision of rigid and flexible ureteroscopes and the related video equipment, Olympus is aware of the additional procedural requirements resulting from the use of single-use instruments as well as lithotriptors.

Olympus provides you with quality imaging to better enable you to perform your procedures. Olympus is your partner for your ureteroscopy needs and ensures that you will be at the forefront of See & Treat technology.

ACCESS AND DILATION Your Choice for Every Situation

Explore Our Comprehensive Portfolio of Guidewires, Catheters, Balloon Dilators, and Access Sheaths

Getting access to the ureter or kidney is essential for every urologist treating stone burdens. Olympus recognises the importance of achieving this access in a safe and time-efficient manner. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive line up of nitinol and PTFE guidewires with various tip configurations to incorporate anatomical differences.

Advancements in Olympus ureteroscope technology have delivered smaller profile shafts and lubricious atraumatic tips that reduce ureteroscopic dilation needs. To complement the advanced scope technology, we have designed a range of single-use dilation solutions, from guidewires to balloon dilators and access sheaths.

VISUALISATION Supreme Image Quality

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Our ureteroscopes achieve a new standard in smooth insertability and high image quality. No matter if you are planning a semirigid or flexible stone procedure, every individual feature contributes to the versatile performance of the portfolio. Improved visualisation, facilitated manoeuvrability, and reduced operator stress are now within reach.

See our complete portfolio of flexible endoscopes


Successful Stone Fragmentation and Removal

Successful stone fragmentation depends largely on the ability to accurately apply the appropriate level of energy at the correct impact frequency to the exact target area of the stone. Olympus offers powerful advanced lithotripsy technology options for the fragmentation and removal of kidney, ureteral, and bladder stones regardless of the size, composition, or location.

Olympus has also focused on developing retrieval technology that simplifies the removal of stone fragments and tissue of all shapes and sizes in all anatomical situations.

DRAINAGE Premium-Quality Stents

We offer a broad selection of premium-quality stents from specialty to everyday usage. Our Single-J and Double-J as well as UroGuide stents minimise encrustation thanks to being made of silicone. Silicone is used in various medical applications because of its softness, which allows easy insertion and removal of the stent.

Olympus understands your procedural needs and has pioneered advanced drainage technology without compromise. As an indication of the quality of the material, all TecoFlex stents are approved for 365 days of indwelling time.


Experience our premium devices for efficient and convenient stone management. Request a live demonstration of the complete portfolio of stone management solutions and an Olympus consultant will contact you.

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