UCES-4 Centralized Medical Control

Simplify Your Procedure Room Workflow with Integrated Control

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Manage Multiple Medical Devices

Today, many hospitals are forced to manage numerous multi-generational devices using different video formats, making it difficult for clinical staff to efficiently use these products in various procedure settings.

Olympus’ workflow support solution tackles this challenge by providing a Class Iib medical device allowing clinicians to control the medical devices most relevant to their clinical environment through a centralised one-touch controller, called the UCES-4.

The UCES medical device controller operates the latest imaging technology, including 12G-native 4K and 3D. Basic video routing is therefore supported.

Compatible with nearly all Olympus devices, the UCES-4 also supports integration with medical devices from multiple industry partners.

Standardise the Clinical Workflow

Olympus aims to solve its customers’ challenges by delivering solutions that may help improve outcomes, maximizse efficiency, and optimise productivity. This may be achieved through the intuitive workflow-oriented user interface of UCES-4.

With a single touch, all connected devices can be operated using the SCENE SELECTION feature. Intuitive operation enables clinical staff to easily select the desired function. In addition to controlling the initial settings of medical devices, UCES-4 can utilise settings for pre-, intra-, and post-operative procedures.

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