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Nitinol Baskets

Flex Catch 1.9 Fr., Ultra-Catch 4-wire and X-Catch 6-wire no-tip nitinol baskets


Olympus no-tip nitinol baskets come in two configurations: the Ultra-Catch 4-wire basket and the X-Catch 6-wire basket. Both offer superior features for safe and efficient stone management. For atraumatic stone disposal during flexible ureteroscopy, Olympus baskets have a patented zero-tip design with round wires. This makes them safe for intrarenal use and minimizes tissue trauma during manipulation. Twisted wire construction ensures the baskets maintain shape and form even under extreme duress. This construction also provides radial strength for manipulation in restricted anatomy.

  • Flex-Catch 1.9 Fr., no-tip nitinol basket
  • Ultra-Catch four-wire, no-tip nitinol basket
  • X-Catch six-wire, no-tip nitinol basket

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