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EVIS X1 Video Colonoscope


The CF-EZ1500DL/I video colonoscope offers full focus and high magnification for observational excellence.

  • Aims to improve overall observation with extended depth of field (EDOF) and less need for focus adjustment.
  • Aims to achieve better detection rates with EDOF and TXI (Texture and Colour Enhancement Imaging) providing a wider focusing range, less blurring and improved visibility of lesions and mucosal disorders.
  • Promotes a high level of diagnostic accuracy and high confidence in diagnostic decisions with Dual Focus, high magnification and NBI (Narrow Band Imaging).
  • Aims to achieve more comfort and safety in endoscopic therapy with a continuously sharp image and RDI (Red Dichromatic Imaging).
  • Uses insertion technologies with proven RIT (Responsive Insertion Technology) and ScopeGuide aims to increase caecal intubation rate and patient comfort while reducing intubation time.

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