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EVIS X1 Video System Centre

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The EVIS X1 CV-1500 Video System Centre combines video processor and LED light source in one box, resulting in a more compact and lightweight design. Additionally, cross compatibility between EVIS EXERA III and EVIS LUCERA ELITE lead to a vastly extended portfolio of compatible endoscopes. The CV-1500 features multiple special observation modes that support physicians during endoscopic procedures.

  • Conventional white light.
  • NBI (Narrow Band Imaging).
  • AFI (Auto Fluorescence Imaging).
  • TXI (TeXture and color enhancement Imaging) optimises the structure, color tone and brightness of the mucosal surface.
  • RDI (Red Dichromatic Imaging) improves visibility of deep blood vessels and bleeding points.
  • BAI-MAC (Brightness Adjustment Imaging with MAintenance of Contrast) improves brightness in darker portions of the endoscopic image.

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