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Olympus is committed to being a complete provider of innovative technology for rhinology experts. Our product portfolio offers a full range of devices aimed at visualisation and treatment, allowing doctors to stay focused on their patients while providing the highest quality of care.

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Functional endoscopic sinus surgery and advanced fuctional endoscopic sinus surgery are key focus areas for Olympus ENT. Olympus offers leading visualisation technology as well as minimally invasive powered and manual surgical instrumentation that help maximise your time and improve patient outcomes.

Turbinate Reduction

In order to provide optimal care for your nasal obstruction patients, you need options to customise treatment. This is why we offer a selection of technologies for use in the office or operating room indicated for inferior turbinate reduction.


The advanced precision rhinoplasty instrument set features gold-plated hand instruments specifically designed for rhinoplasty surgery. Long-lasting sharpness and durability allow for ultra-precise blunt and sharp tissue dissection and thus support contemporary surgical techniques.

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