Australia, 03/12/19 | Story | Social Responsibility Fighting colon cancer together!

1.8 million. That's how many people were diagnosed with colon cancer worldwide in 2018, which is roughly equivalent to the population of European cities such as Vienna, Warsaw, or Hamburg. And it's 1.8 million too many, as no other cancer is as easy to prevent through screening as colon cancer.

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A realistic medical aim is therefore to reduce the number of people suffering from colon cancer to an absolute minimum. However, to achieve that goal, every single person needs to take the initiative: everyone must take care of their own colorectal health and attend screenings to reduce the risk of disease. If we do so, we increase our chances of staying healthy. And if we talk about it, we are the best possible role model for our friends and families.

What many people don’t know

In 95 percent of cases, colon cancer - which is also known as colorectal cancer and bowel cancer - develops in the colon or rectum from benign preliminary stages, called mucus membrane polyps, often over years or decades. These polyps can usually be removed easily during a colonoscopy.

Olympus products have been shaping and refining doctors' colorectal examinations for generations and provide them with improved technical possibilities for detecting and treating colon cancer and other colon diseases. However, a strong product is not enough on its own, as figures from the World Health Organization show: colon cancer is the second deadliest type of cancer in the world, with almost 900,000 deaths attributable to it per year.

Social Responsibility in the battle against colon cancer

Olympus attaches great value to its Corporate Social Responsibility. That’s why, in its anniversary year, Olympus has set itself the task of raising awareness among its employees, their families and friends on colon cancer. Why? It is an important concern to Olympus, that they stay healthy and share their knowledge, so they can all make a small contribution to the bigger picture in the long term: reduce the number of people suffering from colon cancer to an absolute minimum.


Do you want to get on board? Then take the first step now. Discuss the subject with your family and friends or share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #LetsFightCRC. You can find interesting and humorous information relating to this in the infographic below.

100 years. Endeavour for better

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Olympus is focusing on two initiatives worldwide in its anniversary year: by means of a "Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign", Olympus helps condititon people to cancer diseases, the detection and cure of which its products make a significant contribution to. Under the motto "Education creates the future", Olympus, in cooperation with non-profit organizations, supports educational opportunities for young generations who want to shape the future.

As part of these two initiatives, Olympus organizes a wide variety of activities around the globe. Discover on our global website what is happening in America, Asia, Japan and EMEA.

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