Australia and New Zealand, 02/03/20 | Press Release | Company Olympus' Response to COVID-19 for Medical Device Supply Continuity

How Olympus plans to meet your supply needs during this global pandemic.

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Following the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and its subsequent elevation in status by the World Health Organisation on January the 30th to a ‘public health emergency of international concern’; Olympus Australia & New Zealand has undertaken a proactive review of any risks this situation may pose to our customers, staff and our overall ability to supply products.

As a result, Olympus has committed to weekly meetings amongst business stakeholders to review changes to the status of COVID-19 and its impact to our business continuity. As such, any future developments which may present a risk to normal supply of medical devices will proactively be communicated through our website.

Our highest ongoing priority remains the wellbeing of our customers, staff, and the wider-community, while ensuring we take measures necessary to support your ability to deliver an optimal health-care service. As such, we welcome any feedback that can improve our ability to support you during this time.

If you have any further concerns or questions, please contact our customer service team on:

  • 1300 132 992 for Australia
  • 0508 659 6787 for New Zealand

We appreciate your patience and understanding and hope we can support you as best as we can through this challenging time.