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Take a glance through our Top 10 Questions below.

Question 1: How do I add date and time to my images for printing?
Answer: There are three ways you can print the date on your photos :1.  Setting DPOF (direct print order format) on your camera. Please refer to the full reference manual on your Camedia CD for instruction on how to set this up.Please note that for this function to work, you will need... Read More
Question 2: How do I drag and drop files?
Answer:  Digital files can easily be moved or transferred using a technique called “drag and drop”“Dragging” means to position the cursor over a file’s name or icon and then to press and hold down the mouse button while moving the cursor. The selected file will follow the cursor.Multi... Read More
Question 3: How do I maintain the waterproof feature of my camera?
Answer:  As with any electronic device, proper care and maintenance is required to preserve the integrity and operation of your camera. Before  Use Be sure to inspect the battery cover door and USB cover door. These doors should be free of SAND, HAIR or any other FOREI... Read More
Question 4: How do I safely disconnect my camera from the computer?
Answer: Disconnecting camera from computer.Please follow the steps below:   Click Unplug or Eject Hardware icon. Please click icon appeared on the taskbar in the lower right part of the desktop window and then, click the appeared message.  
Question 5: How do I transfer pictures to my computer using Olympus Master 2?
Answer: Procedure   Turn off the camera. Connect the camera to the computer with the provided USB cable.  Note: ... Read More
Question 6: Why isn't my camera connecting with my computer?
Answer: Please check the following topics when computer does not recognize the camera (Removable Disk) or you cannot view images stored in the camera (media). To confirm the condition of camera and/or connecting cable.   To confirm the context of device manager.   ... Read More
Question 7: What is the difference between ALL ERASE and FORMAT?
Answer: Use "All erase" to erase all non lock-protected images stored on the memory card. Use "Format" to prepare a new memory card for use with your camera, or a memory card that has been previously used in a different camera model. "Format" may also be used to expediently erase both... Read More
Question 8: Why are my images appearing blurry?
Answer: The "blurry" photos you are experiencing are probably because the camera is not focused when you are taking the photo. Most digital cameras have a two stage shutter button. This means that when you slightly depress the shutter button the cameras will auto focus and "charge" th... Read More
Question 9: Why isn't my camera turning on with new batteries?
Answer: Alkaline batteries do not have a constant voltage output. This constant voltage output will ensure that all the power in the battery is used. If the voltage drops too low, the camera may not turn on even though there is still power in the battery.We highly recommend using eith... Read More
Question 10: My Foot Control isn't working, what shoud I do?
Answer:  Quick Reference: Go to:If the software and Foot Control have just been installed & Foot Control not working at all - Answer 1If the Foot Control is not performing the FF and REW functions - Answer 2If the USB Foot Control has been working OK but has suddenly stopped respondin... Read More

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