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Crystal clear sound quality resulting from our commitment to making voices easy to hear

With functions such as noise cancelation during playback, the VN-7800 delivers crystal clear sound quality.

Noise cancellation function significantly reduces noise during playback

The noise cancelation function removes noise during playback. This makes voices recorded in a location where there is noise from an air conditioner, projector, or other devices easy to hear.

  • * The noise cancelation function cannot be used with the slow/fast playback function.

Recording mode selectable according to purpose

The VN-7800 employs sub-band coding which is an ultra high-quality codec and CELP coding which is ideal for long meetings as it makes efficient use of memory. The recorder also has three recording modes to choose from according to your preference.

Microphone sensitivity settable according to ambient conditions

You can select the most appropriate sensitivity mode from a high sensitivity mode which enables realistic recordings of meetings by also picking up sounds around you and the normal sensitivity mode which is suitable for dictation because it does not pick up the sounds around you.

Designed for ease of use


Operability has been improved by features such as large buttons positioned for easy thumb operation and a front speaker for easy listening.

Body designed to be both stable when placed on a table and easy to hold

An indentation on the back makes this recorder easy to hold. It also serves to improve stability when the recorder is placed on a table.

  • *The photo above is of the VN-7700.

Text is displayed large to improve readability

Text is displayed with large characters for improved readability.

Large buttons at the front ensure easy operation no matter which hand you use

The frequently used operation buttons are large and located on the front of the recorder. Their excellent operability ensures ease of use no matter whether you use your left hand or your right hand.

Large speaker at the front makes recordings easy to hear

A large speaker is placed at the front for better listening and usability.

Packed with features to enable a wider range of uses

There are plenty of advanced features including a long recording time of approximately 2,270 hours, storage of a total of 800 files in four folders, section repeat, and 15-level speed control. This model is not only easy to use, it is also versatile.

Variety of playback functions including section repeat playback for repeat of important parts.

This recorder has a large range of playback functions including section repeat playback for the important parts, skip playback for skipping or reverse skipping by just the pre-set interval in the file currently playing and then resuming playback, and alarm playback for starting playback of a pre-set file with the alarm function.

Playback speed can be changed to any one of 15 speeds without altering the pitch

The playback speed can be changed as necessary. For example, you can listen to a meeting at a fast speed when transcribing minutes, or listen to the parts you have trouble understanding when studying a language at a slow speed. The pitch is not altered so voices do not sound strange and are easy to hear.

Variety of convenient functions (index marks/voice control voice actuator/timer recording)

The many convenient functions include the index mark function for quickly finding the places you wish to hear, voice control voice actuator (VCVA) for automatically cutting out long silences when recording meetings, and timer recording for starting and ending recording at pre-set times.

Long battery life you can rely when out and about

The battery life allows you to record for a maximum of 86 hours. You can most certainly rely on this recorder when out and about.

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