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New Concept Pen Type recorder. Casually record any scene.

The new sleek design of the VP-10 allows you to capture conversations naturally, even while having the recorder in your pocket. This innovative recorder features new technologies optimum for business use, to achieve high-quality recording. 


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Never miss a recording opportunity with One-Touch Recording.

In order to securely capture every sound and voice, the recorder features Omni-directional stereo microphones which capture sound from all directions, even when recording from your pocket. The recorder has low noise, high quality microphones in its compact slim body.

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An impressive array of playback functions

The VP-10 is equipped with improved noise cancellation technology to strongly cut out background noise from recorded voice, and two new Playback Scene modes. "Transcription" mode is convenient for when you want to create minutes or notes from your meeting recordings, and the "Language Study" mode is helpful when learning a foreign language.

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The recorder has many features for ease-of-use, such as "One-Touch Recording" that silently and quickly activates recording, and "Pocket" mode which is effective for recording a wide range of voices from your pocket.

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Basic Information

Product name Digital Voice Recorder VP-10
Box Contents USB Connection Cable, AAA NiMH Rechargeable Battery x1, Instruction Manual
  • *An optional USB connection adapter is required to power the recorder via an AC outlet.
  • *Under copyright law, you may not use audio you have recorded for other than personal enjoyment without the permission of the copyright holder.
  • *Keep your accessories in a safe place, as you have to purchase them again in the case of loss.

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