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Olympus Audio Controller Smartphone App

Experience new recording style for the era of smart devices

Using the combination of your smartphone and an Olympus Audio Recorder, the Olympus Audio Controller app allows you to experience a whole new way of recording. Control your audio recorder remotely while adding notes or images to recorded files. Available for download for free from the App Store® and the Google Play™ Store.
For more information please visit the Olympus Audio Controller website Here.

Remote Control from Smart Devices

With a Wi-Fi connection to your Olympus Recorder, you are able to start and stop recording, and also add index marks to your recording.

Link Images and Video to your recording

Using the Visual Index function, it is possible to attach images and video captured on your smartphone as an Index mark to your recorded audio files.

Add Comments to your files

With the Note Index function, you can add comments as index marks to your recorded files. Your own comments can remind you of the content with ease. In addition to the Visual and Note Index options, there are four other types of Index Mark options to assist you in easily referencing important information in your recordings.

Share your Recorded Data

Your recorded data can be easily uploaded to Dropbox or OneDrive to back up your data, or to share with others. By sharing your data with these Apps, you can also playback or edit recordings on another smartphone or tablet with Olympus Audio Controller.

Easy Setup

It is easy to setup a Wi-Fi connection between your recorder and the Olympus Audio Controller App on your smartphone. Simply scan the QR code displayed on the recorder using your smartphone camera.

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