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Capture Your Imagination with Phenomenal Imaging Power

Zuiko Lens Systems were designed specifically for digital cameras and boast amazing optical performance. In combination with the high-quality sensor, image processor, and image stabilisation, they provide outstanding image quality.

TruePic VII brings out the maximum potential of M.Zuiko lenses


The E-M5 Mark II is equipped with TruePic VII, the same image processor also used on the OM-D flagship model, E-M1. TruePic VII optimises sharpness according to the optical characteristics of the attached lens and aperture (f-number) value, performs high-precision demosaicing optimised for the low-pass filter less sensor, and features Fine Detail II that reduces false colours. It brings out the potential of lenses to achieve sharpness and high resolution. Olympus proprietary image processing technology, Real Colour Technology, reproduces some colours that are thought to be difficult to reproduce such as emerald green and yellow more faithfully.

Sharp resolution across the entire image

A: Competitor: APS-C model + Kit lens, F7.1, ISO200
B: E-M5 Mark II + ED 12-40mm F2.8 PRO, F5.6, ISO200

Greatly reduces noise without losing detail at high ISO settings


High-sensitivity and beautiful quality 16.05 million dot Live MOS sensor

It retains details in shadow and faithfully represents night scenes and dark indoor scenes. The wide dynamic range makes smooth tone representation possible and can also capture high contrast scenes well. The ISO LOW (ISO100) lets you use the wide aperture of fast lenses during daylight without an ND filter to take photos with a beautiful defocusing in the background.


40M High Res Shot perfect for artistic photos and landscapes

40M High Res Shot is included on the E-M5 Mark II for artistic photos, landscapes, and scenes that demand High Res shots. The sensor moves in 0.5 pixel increments while capturing 8 shots to generate a single 40M sensor equivalent high-resolution photo. Excellent effects are obtained by using the high-resolution M.Zuiko PRO or M.Zuiko Premium lenses when shooting.

Click here to download sample image1 (approx. 16.1MB)Click here to download sample image2 (approx. 16.1MB)Click here to download sample image3 (approx. 17.7MB)
A: Competitor: Full-frame model + F2.8 zoom lens, F11, ISO200
B: E-M5 Mark II 40M high-res shot + ED 12-40mm F2.8 PRO, F5.6, ISO200

RAW processing

  • In RAW+JPEG mode, the following three types are saved: 40M JPEG, 64M RAW (ORF), 16M RAW (ORI).
  • 16M RAW (ORI) is the first shot recorded out of 8 RAW images captured.
  • 16M RAW (ORI) cannot be viewed or processed on the camera. It can be viewed and processed using Olympus Viewer 3.
  • 64M RAW data can be processed on the camera as a 40M JPEG image. It cannot be processed using Olympus Viewer 3.
  • Install the plug-in dedicated in 64-bit edition of Adobe® Photoshop® (CS5 or later) for processing and editing raw files on a computer. The plug-in lets you to adjust exposure compensation, white balance, contrast, sharpness, colour saturation, and colour settings (sRGB and Adobe RGB). Click Here to download the plug-in.
  • A 64M RAW file is approximately 100MB, and a 40M JPEG file is approximately 20MB.

  • *Since shooting takes approximately 2 seconds, a tripod is required.
  • *If the subject moves while shooting, the section that moved will appear at a lower resolution in the image.
  • *Due to flickering, it will not work under inconsistent light sources.
  • *The following settings are available: Aperture from maximum aperture to F8, shutter speed from fastest (1/8000 sec.) to 8 sec., ISO speed from ISO LOW to 1600.
  • *For flash photography, manual flash (synchro speed up to 1/20 sec.) is supported.
  • *Art Filter, Multi. Exposure, Live Bulb/Composite, Interval Shooting, HDR, all BKT, and e-Portrait are not supported.

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