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Advanced Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)

The E-M1 features the highest resolution EVF available that rivals full-frame DSLR cameras. The super-large EVF display allows you to see 100% field of view with a 1.48x magnification, and has a 2.36 million dot high resolution display. Tracking of moving subjects is improved by reducing the switching time between the rear monitor and EVF, as well as an accelerated display. Adaptive Brightness Technology and LV Dynamic Range Expansion is included for a natural view that is like an optical viewfinder. The Colour Creator feature which can be utilised exclusively through the EVF has been added to allow you to vary colour hue and saturation for further creative control.

Display time lag significantly reduced (0.016 sec.)

(Improved functions in firmware Ver. 2.0)Display time lag when the frame rate is set to a high speed is improved to 0.016 seconds for precision shooting.

Large, high resolution

With a 2.36 million dot high-resolution LCD panel and a clear optical system even to the edges of the image, this large, 0.74x (35mm equivalent) viewfinder offers powerful support for shooting with interchangeable lens cameras.

Adaptive Brightness Technology enables automatic backlight control

Adaptive Brightness Technology responds to the ambient lighting conditions varying its brightness level to make the EVF feel natural to use. In dimly lit conditions the EVF brightness will reduce to match the ambient light, and in bright conditions the brightness will be increased. This reduces the risk of potential exposure compensation errors that may arise from an inaccurate portrait of the shooting environment.

Bright scene

  • Environment
  • Conventional EVF (appears dark)
  • E-M1 EVF (appears naturally bright)

Dimly lit scene

  • Environment
  • Conventional EVF (appears bright)
  • E-M1 EVF (appears naturally dark)

S-OVF (Simulated OVF) provides a view that is similar to that of the unaided eye.

(Feature added in firmware Ver. 4.0)
This function expands the dynamic range of the image within the electronic viewfinder. Loss of shadow detail and highlight blowouts are suppressed for easier focusing, making this convenient for shooting backlit subjects. Technology such as LV dynamic range expansion and Adaptive Brightness Technology reproduces a view that is similar to that of an optical viewfinder.

  • Can be used in P, A, S, and M modes. Exposure compensation is not shown.

Colour Creator allows you to control colours how you see them

The Colour Creator feature allows you to have creative control to capture scenes in unique and impressive way. Colour Creator allows you to vary colour hue and saturation, and is completely different to conventional white balance compensation. This feature expands the creative control functions of the digital viewfinder to be able to control four variables necessary for image creation; composition, focus, tone and colour; Without taking your eye away from the eyepiece.

1. Hue adjustment: Control hue changes in 30 steps
2. Colour saturation adjustment: Adjustments can be made in 8 steps from +3 to -4
  • Original image Hue: 0/Colour saturation: 0 This shot brings out the texture of the building with a slight underexposure.
  • Change to warm tone Hue: 4/Colour saturation: 0 Colour saturation is reduced while bringing out the vividness of the scene
  • Change to cool tone Hue: 15/Colour saturation: -1 A realistic atmosphere is produced with a transparent feel.
  • Change to monochrome Hue: 6/Colour saturation: -4 The three-dimensionality of each part of the image is enhanced with a red filter effect.

Creative controls that stimulate your creativity and enhance shooting accuracy

  • Highlight & Shadow Control
    Allows for the adjustment of highlights and shadows in an easier manner than is possible with conventional exposure compensation.
  • Multi Aspect Control
    Allows you to select from 5 types of aspect ratios including 4:3 to frame your shot just the way you like it.
  • Magnified Display Control
    Allows you to perform very precise focusing, a feature which is not possible with an optical viewfinder.

Three user selectable viewfinder styles

You can choose from one of three viewfinder styles including OM style. The viewfinder magnification ratio of the OM style viewfinder features a revised GUI and 1.3x magnification, and is also available when the eye sensor is turned off.

Instant live image switching between the electronic viewfinder and rear monitor

The E-M1 features an eye sensor that automatically switches the Live View display between the EVF and the rear LCD screen. The eye sensor automatically switches on the EVF when you put your eye to the eyepiece instantly for stress free shooting.

1. Eye Sensor
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
  • Screen captures in the monitor are composite images.

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