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8x25 PC I


Compact lightweight binoculars that you can take anywhere

The 8x25 PC I is a compact lightweight model with excellent portability and a two-tone body colour of refined silver and black that appeals to all users. These porro prism binoculars provide clear vision and, offer advanced optical performance and functions including 8x magnification. In addition, they feature lenses made from a high quality optical glass that ensures a bright, clear field of view. The binoculars come with a diopter adjustment mechanism and eye relief that enable comfortable viewing that suits the user's eyesight. The grip is made of a slip-resistant rubber material, offering peace of mind for use in outdoor environments. Weighing in at just 280g, the 8x25 PC I are compact and lightweight porro prism binoculars that feature reliable functions and can be used in various scenes from bird watching to viewing sports and concerts.  



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1. Compact lightweight binoculars that are easy to carry with you everywhere

The compact and lightweight body features a porro prism and weighs in at only 280g for excellent portability and ease of use not just in outdoor activities but also in everyday scenes. The refined metallic silver body gives the binoculars a look that appeals to every user; and in addition the supplied pouch and strap make it easy to take the binoculars with you.

2. Advanced optical performance and functionality in an entry-level model

Although being an entry model, these binoculars offer advanced optical performance and functions for everyday use. The lenses are made from a high-quality optical glass that has been coated to ensure a bright, clear field of view. In addition, the 10.4 mm eye relief helps to reduce eye fatigue even when used for long periods of time and ensures a wide field of view even when wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. The diopter adjustment mechanism enables easy diopter adjustment with a dial to suit the user's eyesight (long sighted or short sighted).

3. Strong design with emphasis on holding comfort

The grip is made of a slip-resistant rubber material and the rear surface of the body where the thumb rests is also designed with a rubber material for easy-to-grip, slip-resistant holding even during prolonged use.


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