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Interchangeable Lens Camera Accessory Brackets

PTBK-E02 Bracket

The PTBK-E02 is an underwater bracket with grips on both sides which facilitates attachment of up to two underwater strobes. Additionally, a dedicated carrier can be attached to the grip which makes to convenient to carry.

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PTBK-E01 Bracket

The PTBK-E01 is a dedicated bracket for underwater strobes, with the addition of the PTAC-E01, side grips can be attached to the housing.

PTSA-03 Short Arm

This short arm connects underwater flashes to an underwater case.

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PTBKC-E02 Carrier

This carrier can be used together with the bracket PTBK-E02 to improve ease of carrying the underwater case.

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PTBKS-E02 Adapter

This adapter is necessary to use bracket PTBK-E02 with the short arm PTSA-03.

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