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Inspiring Visionaries

The Olympus Visionaries aim to inspire others with photography and filmmaking the way it has inspired them. Photography and filmmaking is in many ways an expression, be it a moment, a place or a person. For those below, using the Olympus system has enabled an expression of themselves. Olympus works closely with Visionaries to foster creative pursuits, process, share knowledge and insight to ultimately inspire others to reach their full creative potential. The Olympus Visionary Program aims to define the state of digital imaging and support the growth of digital photography, multimedia and video. Established not only to provide an avenue for professionals to realise their creative vision but to also provide Olympus with input from the professional imaging community.

Lachlan Moore

Lachlan is a photographer from Victoria and owner of Rokeby Studios in Collingwood. Lachlan’s photographic style is described as honest & cinematic,  this has been honed by his time spent on set as a motion picture stills photographer combined with his background as a finished artist/retoucher & countless hours in the dark room. 


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Chris Eyre-Walker

Chris is an adventure, outdoor and travel photographer based in Sydney. He is a passionate traveller and always on the move. He loves a challenge and his work spans from underwater surf photography to the adventures of extreme sport athletes high up in the mountains.

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John Brawley

John has developed a reputation as one of Australia’s most talented and sought after Directors of Photography, who works with vision, speed and an inherently collaborative nature. Since graduating with an MA from the Australian Film Television and Radio School, he has built an impressive slate of feature films and television credits including some of Australia’s most loved shows. 

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Michaela Skovranova

From exploring the secret lives of humpback whales and the whimsical ocean dancing of seals, to surreal landscapes, scenes and sunsets, Michaela Skovranova helps us see the world in a different light with her underwater photography and leaves us inspired with her breathtaking imagery.

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Michael Hurren

Mick built a career out of always furthering the depth and breadth of his versatile skill set.  Many years were spent behind the camera adapting his diverse skills and applying it to the film industry.

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Interested in the Program?

The Olympus Visionary Program is designed to promote both the individual and the Olympus system including technologies. Olympus Visionaries are required to participate in workshops, talks, social media, content creation, media events, tradeshows and much more.

The Olympus Visionary Program welcomes and encourages innovation ideas from its members and aims to inspire others with discussion and imagery that showcases the endless capabilities of Olympus products.

While Olympus is not actively seeking new members for the program, we typically identify new Photographers/Videographers based on the following:

  • Must shoot with Olympus gear in a professional capacity
  • Must actively engage with Olympus via our social channels, activities and events
  • Prepared to represent Olympus at public events discussing products and photography/videography
  • Must be willing to regularly submit high quality images and/or video for Olympus' use
  • Must be able to demonstrate a strong and consistent body of work with clear skill and photography/video knowledge
  • Must have a professional website and presence on key social channels

If you meet this criteria, please contact

* Must be a resident of Australia and New Zealand

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