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Pen E-PL2 body showing the IS mechanism

Within every Olympus PEN and recent series SLR camera body is an image stabiliser (IS) that counteracts handheld camera shake.

The stabiliser works by shifting the image sensor in a combined X-Y direction, to counteract the camera movement detected by a separate, highly sensitive accelerometer.

Depending on the camera model, the Built-In IS in Olympus PEN and SLR cameras are capable of providing between 3 to 5 shutter speeds (or EV steps) of stabilisation. The PEN E-PL2 provides 3EV steps of stabilisation, whilst the professional E-5 SLR is capable of up to 5EV, as examples.

Picture taken with PEN E-P1 with M.Zuiko 17mm f2.8 lens at 1/2 sec handheld.

Crop shows the effectiveness of the E-P1's IS at 4 EV below the optimum handheld shutter speed for this lens! 

Compared with lens-based IS solutions, Olympus' in-body solution delivers:
  • Precise light capture - meaning sharper and clearer pictures
  • Stabilisation across all lenses rather than limiting choice to only those offering IS in lens
  • Lighter more compact lenses - lens-based IS mechanisms usually add weight and bulk
  • Lower cost of lenses

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