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Dust is one of the most significant problems in interchangeable lens digital photography. Olympus pioneered sensor self-cleaning technology in digital SLR cameras with the introduction of its Supersonic Wave Filter dust-reduction system first used in the Olympus E-1 camera of 2003.

In an Olympus digital OM-D, PEN or DSLR camera, the Supersonic Wave Filter (SSWF) automatically activates every time the camera is switched on or when Live View Mode is activated (in the case of a digital SLR). Ultrasonic vibrations exceeding 30,000 times per second effectively blast dust particles away from the protective dust filter in front of the image sensor. Removed particles are then captured by adhesive absorbers at the bottom of the filter. Olympus remains at the forefront of technology in delivering dust-free, DSLR and Compact System Camera photography.

With Olympus dust reduction technology feel free to change your lenses anywhere.

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